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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to subscribe to The Owner's Manual?
$18USD for subscribers in the U.S. And $26USD for international subscribers.
Ad Rates

How much does it cost to place an ad in The Owner's Manual Newsletter or on the OM Website? click
Check our our Ad Rates section

How do I get a free back issue of The Owner's Manual?
Fill out our Sample Issue form. These are for non subscribers. The sample issue form will get you an old issue from two years prior.

How do I find the week numbers that corresponds with the dates I want?
Check out our Calendar section for official Royal Resort weeks.

When are ads updated?
Ads are updated Monday-Friday at 4PM CST. New ads on the web are highlighted in green for the business day they were submitted.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?
No. Subscriptions are non-refundable.

You must be a current subscriber to the Owner's Manual to place ads.


Ad placement F.A.Q.

What are the deadlines for the Owner's Manual newsletters?

Newsletter Ad Deadlines

Jan/Mar Issue   –    December 1       Apr/Jun Issue     –    March 1
Jul/Sep Issue     –    June 1                Oct/Dec Issue    –    Sept.   1

Where can I find the interval calendars?

Click here to view Calendar

How do I get a customer number?

You must be a current subscriber to place ads in The Owner's Manual newsletter or on the web. Once you are a subscriber. Please use the ad placement form to submit your ad. We will generate a customer # for first time subscribers.

What are highlights?
Highlights help bring attention to your ad! They are optional, and have a high success rate! There are two types of highlights. On the web, ads are highlighted in blue. In the newsletter, ads are highlighted in yellow. Please send an e-mail or include in your ad placement form if you would like your ad highlighted.

Web highlight: $15 (Per interval week)
Newsletter highlights: $15

Can I place an ad without a unit number?
We typically do not allow customers to place more than two ads (Interval Weeks) without unit numbers. Anymore than that is considered commercial fees. Please e-mail us at for commercial fees.

What is Continued Quarterly Billing?
Continued Quarterly Billing means that your ad will continue to run in the newsletter and/or on the web until you notify us in writing (mail, email) before the newsletter deadline to move the ad to the For Sale section if rented, to cancel the ad if sold, or to stop the ad for any reason if you should change your mind.  Otherwise, the ad will automatically continue to run as originally requested and you will be responsible for payment. Any unused portion of your ad will be refunded or credited toward your account.

What happens after I have placed my ad?
When an ad is placed, it goes through our processing department. Every e-mail submission or ad placement form will be responded to with a confirmation e-mail.

This e-mail will state that we have received your ad. The e-mail will also contain the following information. If it is in the newsletter, and how long it will be on the web. If you have selected continued quarterly billing. Moreover, how your invoice will arrive (via U.S mail or E-mail) along with a final edit of the ad. This gives to customer the opportunity to correct any information or the amount of time in the newsletter or on the web.

How do I modify my ad?
Ad modifications are free so long as it is the same week, resorts, and unit. Please e-mail us ( to let The Owner's Manual know of ad price or contact information changes. Modifications are only valid as long as the ad is not expired. We do not under any circumstances remove unit numbers or locations from already submitted ads. As per company policy, once an ad location or unit number has been placed we cannot removed from the ad.

We do not under any circumstances modify or cancel ads over the phone. You must send us an e-mail or a letter in writing via U.S mail. We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail.

How do I pay for my ad?
You may pay for your ad via U.S mail or request we send you a PayPal request. With PayPal you have the option to use PayPal directly or a credit card through a check out system.

Please do not use the subscription payment option to pay for your ad. PayPal reversals are subject to a .30 cent fee.

Unfortunately our bank does not accept foreign checks. All checks must be in U.S. funds by a U.S bank. The easiest way to pay for international subscription or ad payments is by using PayPal.

How do I cancel my ad?
Customers are responsible for letting The Owner's Manual know in U.S mail writing or e-mail ( when an ad has rented or sold. The resorts or ISCO do not notify us when you have rented or sold. Ad cancellations or modifications are not accepted over the phone. Ads cancelled in the month cancellation is submitted do not qualify for a for a credit for that month.

Past dues: I received a past due in the mail for $18.00 or $26.00?
Unless the customer notifies us in writing or e-mail you are automatically sent a subscription renewal notice. $18 for US customers, and $26 for international. Any other amount is for your ad placement. If you would like to cancel your subscription to the Owner’s Manual. It is up to the customer e-mail the Owner’s Manual and let us know. You may re-subscribe to the Owner’s Manual by either checking out with PayPal or credit card ( or by sending us a check in U.S funds to:

The Owner's Manual
PO Box 73387
Metairie, LA 70033-3387

Is there a late fee?
There is no late fee for past due subscription renewals. However, starting on January 1st, 2017. We will implement a late fee for past due ad payments. Details will be printed in the January-March 2017 edition of the Owner’s Manual. Past due fees are as follows. Any ads 61 days past due are subject to a $5 late fee (for ads under $100) or $10 late fee ( for ads over $100).