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Resort Listings

We have updated the Resort Listings page to make your search easier. Click the drop down arrow in the first box to choose the section, next click the drop down arrow in the second box to choose the week, then click view to see the available postings.


Resort Abbreviations
GR    Grand Residences
RC    Royal Caribbean
RI     Royal Islander
RS    Royal Sands
RH    Royal Hacienda
RR    Royal Reef, Cayman
PEL  Pelican, St. Maarten
SA    Sea Aquarium, Curacao
VCI   Vacation Club Internacional

Other Abbreviations
LV       Lagoon View
OV      Ocean View
PV       Pool View
GV       Garden View
BV       Beach View
BF       Beachfront
PH       Penthouse
GF       Ground Floor
GL       Ground Level
#F       Floor Number
OBO   Or Best Offer


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