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  • Additionally, we are no longer printing the newsletter as of January 2020. Please do not use this section with the intention of getting newsletters. 
  • For the PayPal payment invoice.

    Annual worldwide membership cost is $18 US to place advertisements.

  • You must be a current member in order to place ads in the newsletter or on the web.
    If you are a brand new member you will not get a customer number at check out. A customer number will be generated for your account AFTER your first ad placement. You can leave the customer number section blank.
  • Note* $1 service charge will be added to all payments via PayPal. 
  • We do not accept subscription payments or request over the phone.
    (If PayPal is down please e-mail us at omcancun@omcancun.com for us to send a manual request. Or use “Contact us” form below.)

Alternate Payment Options

  • Mail a check to: 
    The Owner’s Manual 
    PO Box 73387
    Metairie, LA 70033-3387

    Please include your complete mailing address, phone and e-mail (if you have one).

  • We can invoice you for a subscription with an ad. All ad requests must be in writing (US mail or e-mail).
  • Use the “Check out” button to pay with credit card via the PayPal Button if you do not have a PayPal account.
  • Send e-mail requests to omcancun@omcancun.com and include your billing information.