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  • The new interactive Owner’s Manual website is currently under construction and should be operational in the first quarter of 2020. The printed addition of the quarterly newsletter will be discontinued after the first quarter but you will be able to receive up to the minute news and information on the new website. You will also be able to access old articles as well as up to the minute ads that have helped our owners over the years rent, sell and buy timeshare villas.


  • The Royal Caribbean, now known as the Royal UNO , is on track to opening up by the end of fourth quarter of 2020, All eyes are on The Royal Islander as its trust will expire in three and a half years. Our guess is that it will be appraised by three different appraisal groups and The Royal Resorts will end up buying it, turning it into basically an all-inclusive hotel, much like The Royal Caribbean.


  • There is some confusion surrounding Thomas Moore Travel. Thomas Moore has not gone out of business. We recently spoke with a customer representative and they said there is allot of confusion with another company called Thomas Cook Travel out of Europe that have recently closed its doors.


  • The high speed Maya Train will have a station at the junction of 38th Ave. and the Federal Highway in Playa del Carmen. The Maya train, which will more or less circle the Yucatan Peninsula will have stops at Puerto Morelos and connect to the Cancun airport. There will be restaurants, shops and a taxi area at the Playa del Carmen station so you can transfer from the train station to The Royal Haciendas in a taxi.


  • Two new all-inclusive Margaritaville hotels will be built along the Riviera Maya. The first, The Margaritaville Island Reserve, is being built and scheduled to open in March of 2020.


  • A new 244’ high Ferris wheel, El Sol de Cancun, will take the place of the 178’ Ferris wheel currently located at La Isla Mall. Constructed in Holland, it will be a fully automated, computerizes with voice and data technology inside each of the 35 gondolas. It will have the ability to withstand a category 5 hurricane. It is set to open in February of 2020 and will be open from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m.


  • The current contract to collect Sargasso seaweed is coming to an end with over forty other companies submitting proposals to collect the seaweed for the upcoming season. The Navy has built and is delivering several new offshore Sargasso seaweed collection vessels which will be used in the upcoming seaweed season to try and keep the majority of the seaweed from reaching the beaches.


  • White syndrome, which attacks and kills corals in a matter of weeks, is affecting the reefs off of Quintana Roo. The name is an umbrella for a multitude of conditions with a range of pathogens to blame: bacteria, protozoans, and parasitic worms. The disease has spread throughout the Caribbean and was discovered off of the Mexican coast in May of 2018. Forty years of dumping wastewater into the sea and the arrival of massive amounts of Sargasso seaweed in recent years has helped spread the disease. The toxic substance emanating from the Sargasso seaweed generates conditions to help spread the disease and leaves little oxygen in the water for the coral. It also block out needed sunlight that the coral needs to survive.  Once the coral acquires the disease, their tissue detaches to the point of leaving them naked and in the pure skeleton, they die within a matter of weeks changing their color to that of bone white.

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    keep up the good work you do . Thanks

  2. Donna

    I can’t find the dates that correspond to the weeks being rented? Could you tell me where I can find that?
    I want to rent from an owner March 14-21 but do not know the week #.

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