July 2022 Tidbits

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  1. Elna Kohler

    Always liked the manual. Glad you are up again! Hopefully you will have renters info!
    Thank you!

  2. Darlene Asay

    I turned in my penthouse Villa week 13 last year at the Royal Islander I have yet to be able to get a place for week 12 for 2023 the royal Resorts is going downhill for sure people beware if you’re going to buy into the point system.

  3. Ken

    Seems like the Royal Resorts and Uno we’re not prepared for prime time ! Why not delay the opening instead they rushed it and are now paying the price of bad reviews . Those will stay with them the rest of the year regardless of the level of service . With Cancún having truly 5 star Restaurants and high end accommodations. It will be a tough road ahead !
    Orlando FL

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