Keeping it going

Keeping It Going!

After so many wonderful letters from all of you, we have re-assessed closing The Owner’s Manual.  We believe, with a small increase in advertisement rates, we can keep the company active through at least the end of the year, if not indefinitely. There has been a pickup in owners, friends, and family using their villas once again, as the world slowly gets back to some sense of normalcy.  We are excited to be Keeping it Going and to be able to provide you a great place to rent, sell, or buy a villa.

The new advertisement rate will be $12 per ad with a three-month minimum and a $12 set up charge for new ads. This rate will begin with ads listed as of May 1, 2022. We recommend beginning to advertise at least nine months in advance.  With this new rate structure, we will be able to continue bringing you the great service you deserve, as well continuing to update the website.  Once again, thank you for your continuing support.   

If you have any questions, please contact us at :

The new link for the rental section of the website is :


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  1. Carole Risner

    We are in Cancun right now. We are previous subscribers. Just went on to join again. You are really closing down? So sad. If you could reply. Or text 219-210-1433

  2. Mary Berch

    Thank you for staying online. You are a valued resource for advertising rentals, finding rentals and so many facts you share with us.

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