Omcancun Updates

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  1. Diana

    You have been such a Great source of information for all of the Royal Resort owners.
    I can only say Thank You … we will continue to follow your Omcancun!

  2. Pat Slater

    So happy you are back up and running.
    How do I get to the Rent site?

  3. Jeff Smith

    So glad you are back!!!! Ash has helped me many times!!!!!

  4. Donna McReynolds

    First time reading your articles. Thank so much for such informative information. I bought pre construction of the Royal Sands after being on vacation with a friend who
    owned at the Royal Caribbean for years. Encourage over thirty friends to buy at the Royal Sands and we all are there every year in May and around the last and first of the year. except for the Covid year it was closed. It has been a home away from home until now. I understand the business of All Inclusive guest but what came with that is quality of food , drinks, upkeep and service has declined so much until this Home Away home has declined to a point that many of us are ready to sale.. We love Cancun but just perplexed as how things are declining at the Royal Resorts. We are somewhat jaded but reflecting on the beautiful family resort that we bought is now in such decline in every way makes me very sad. We all have multiple weeks.

  5. Susan Musterer

    Glad your back and thank you for your commitment to the owners. It will be fantastic if you can work something out with the Royal Resorts for rental/sales of fixed weeks or points.

  6. David Kimball

    So glad you are getting back up and running. We have used your services for the last 20 years to find a Royals rental unit. Really through us a curve that we don’t have much to work with for 2023. We are looking for a Week 7 unit at the Sands for 2023, preferably a beach front unit. We don’t fully understand how the point system is going to affect rentals from owners. Our best wishes to you to get back up and running.

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