Happy Holidays from The Owner’s Manual!

Happy Holidays from
Owner’s Manual!!

Our offices will be closed from 12/22/20-12/28/20 for the Christmas Holidays!
And from 12/31/20-1/4/21 for the New Years Holidays!

Please have a safe and Merry Holiday season!
We will return with a new Letters to the Editor at the begging of the year. If you have something you would like to ask our editor. Please e-mail us at omcancun@omcancun.com or fill out the question box located at the bottom of the page!

Happy Holidays from The Owner’s Manual family!

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  1. Sharon Sowadski

    Happy New Year. We have been owners since 1995 and subscribers to The Owners Manual since 1998. We had not received a copy or notice of billing for awhile and truthfully with all that has gone on I had put this in the back of my mind. In the past I had always looked forward to your articles and letters, both very informative. We will not be going to Cancun for our weeks, first time in 25 years, very sad about that. In looking through our materials I noticed I had not received The Owners Manual in a while and decided to look on line for information. So glad to find you, I must have missed some notice or information about you going on line. Is there a way I can be notified when a new addition becomes available? Thanks for your hard work on keeping us informed.

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