Owner’s Experiences

The Royal Resorts have been averaging 25% to 30% occupancy since their reopening. Overall, owners have felt safe and very welcomed.

Going through Customs is a breeze and no red light to worry about. Your temperature will be scanned after you exit Customs, and once you arrive at the resort, your temperature will be scanned in the lobby with a health questionnaire to fill out.

The resort restaurants are open and cleaned numerous time a day. Hand sanitizers are placed in the rooms as well as all around the resort.

All members of the resort are wearing masks and some are wearing a plastic face shield as well.

There are no real buffets. Food items are pre-wrapped and there is a good chance they will be cold when you get them. It’s still all you can eat, but you can order food from the menu at your table if you prefer.

You can still go up to have your breakfast or dinner items cooked in front of you but it is taking more time than in the past.

The chairs by the pool are not six feet apart but because of the low occupancy numbers, you can pretty much sit wherever you want with no “saved chair” problems.

Happy hour is still on and with chips and salsa. At the Royal Islander, all three restaurants are combined into Cayo Largo until occupancy increases. La Trattoria at The Royal Cancun is open as well and the shuttle bus to bring you is operational.

Some of our favorite restaurants, such as Puerto Madero and Harry’s, are open but with limited capacity. Hacienda Sisal and Captain’s Cove are also open. Most of the theme parks are open with limited capacity but you have to wear a mask.

Cancun seaweed

The Mexican Government is actively monitoring the Sargasso seaweed up and down the coast by air. Once spotted, vessels will be sent to collect as much seaweed as possible before it makes its way to the beaches. Numerous sea barriers have been placed along the coast to prevent much of the seaweed from arriving on the beaches. The Mexican Government makes their beaches a high priority and believes this seaweed season will be less than in the past two years. So far, it has been just as bad as the past.

The Mayan Train will be built in stages with some phases already beginning construction. Within three years, the Maya Train will have double tracks from the Cancun terminal in the direction of Mérida and Tulum. It should help move passengers from the Cancun terminal every 10 minutes with an estimated flow of around 300,000 people per day. You will be able to get on at the Cancun airport, get off at the Playa del Carmen station, and take a taxi to The Royal Haciendas.

Cancun coralApproximately half of the coral reef specimens, mainly Brain and Pillar Corals, in Akumal are infected with White Syndrome disease. It was probably triggered by the considerable amount of decomposing organic material produced by Sargasso seaweed season of 2017-2018. Coral bleaching in Akumal turned out to be the most severe recorded in recent years, probably due to the great stress that the corals already suffered due to the syndrome and marine pollution coupled with an increase in the seawater temperature in the summer months.

Quintana Roo has recently seen a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases and the State Governor has warned everyone that they could turn back into a red zone. This would close all non-essential businesses down again, including hotels. To date (through June 30th), there were 3,500 positive cases and 564 deaths, a 16% death rate for the State of Quintana Roo.

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  1. Ricks

    Thank you VERY much for updates. I have weeks/air locked in for fall, am concerned. What happens 2 a single (alone) traveler if they get sick there? where do they go to recuperate if not so sick to be hospitalized? They can’t get on plane (temp) to fly home, there reservation is over at Resort —???

    1. omcancun@omcancun.com

      More than likely you will be able to stay at The Royal Resort and theoretically confined to your villa. They just don’t want you to be circulating in public. What the Royal Resorts will do is another question that we are addressing with them. The airlines won’t let you on the plane if you have a fever or look sick. So there is a fine line as how to proceed. One suggestion is to bring a thermometer with you or have your temperature taken in the lobby of The Royal Resort. I’m sure there is enough space to add on a few nights at The Royal Resorts and it should be easy enough to change your plane reservation as the planes are half empty. When you no longer have fever, you should be good to return home. Hopefully, you will not need a hospital. You may also want to look into Sky Med to see if they will transport you back to the U.S. if you do need hospitalization.

  2. Edna Ureste

    Any info beginning in January 2021 on the number of cases.

  3. Edna Ureste

    Any information on the Royal Islander from January 2021. Cases?

    1. omcancun@omcancun.com

      The Quinta Roo area is reporting 821 cases today.

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