Owner’s Manual updates and delays

We here at the Owner’s Manual are trying our best to remain updated on the situation in Cancun. This ever-evolving situation means that the article posted last week is mostly outdated on its information. We recommend for our Owner’s to keep a close eye on the CDC website for non-bias and accurate information. Please use your best judgement when it comes to traveling abroad.

CDC travel recommendations: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html

Due to the current situation in the world. Please expect delays in the mailing of the April-June issue of the Owner’s Manual. We are doing out best to get it ready in a timely manner. However, at this moment we are unsure if our printing company and mailing systems will be working at regular hours. If you would like the opt for a digital copy to be mailed to you in April. Please e-mail us at omcancun@omcancun.com

Thank you

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  1. Sharyl Bloom

    What is going on at the Royal Caribbean. Are they nearing completion? We were at the Islander in January 2020 and they were very busy there. Any projection when they will be done?
    Thanks Sharyl Bloom

    1. omcancun@omcancun.com

      The Royal Caribbean wasn’t scheduled to reopen until the 1st or second quarter of next year. Now, with the Corona Virus Pandemic and all non-essential workers in the Cancun area told to stay at home, all of the Royal Resorts are closed. We believe renovation of the Royal Caribbean will also be impacted, so our best guess is it will be the second quarter of next year before they reopen.

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